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A throwback to the good old days.

The First USA National Baseball Team Shirt

Men's Tri Blend $29.00


Women's Tri Blend $27.00

Athletes Brand

The Story

This shirt has a rich history behind it you can read if you scroll down. Gotta love a shirt with a story.

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The Story Behind The Shirt

In 1977, history in the t shirt world had begun. Harry Mauch, father of Athletes Brand CEO and founder, Kyle Mauch, was selected to the first USA Men’s National Baseball team. This is about the same time that the USA tee you see here had come into his possession. As strong as an Olympic athlete, the shirt was worn with Harry from his collegiate playing days, through his professional career before being inherited by his oldest son Jeff years later. Jeff did the same, wearing the shirt through high school and through college before it was inherited by Jeff’s younger brother Trevor. Once again, the shirt was worn by Trevor from high school through his collegiate playing career just like the latter. From the gym, to the field, to the classroom and everywhere in between… this shirt has weathered the storm of 3 athletes over a 37 year period and is still in pristine condition and worn regularly. Currently, the ’77 USA Tee is in the possession of Trevor Mauch. Though it has shrunk slightly, and has become a little thinner, the shirt has no holes, no visible weathering, and has aged graciously… especially considering the amount of sweat and the beating it has endured over the last 37 years. The shirt is more than proof of the quality of the fabric that it is made from… it’s a back story of a shirt that was made for Olympians and proved to be durable enough for Olympians. Durable enough for time. Durable enough for some of the most intense athletes in the world. Durable enough to be replicated to a T 37 years later for a great cause for an Olympic legend. Go Team USA.

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