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LA Fire Fundraiser Shirt by Johnny Hekker
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LA United by Johnny Hekker

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Co-Designed by Johnny Hekker

Professional Football Player

Together, LA United

Johnny Hekker is a Punter for the Los Angeles Rams who co-designed the LA United t-shirt.

In the wake of the Southern California Fires that displaced thousands of people, Johnny has made it a priority to help fellow Californians affected by their devastation, while giving proper recognition to those firefighters, aid workers, and volunteers who have been invaluable in recent weeks. Johnny's vision culminated in this shirt, which will see 100% of the profits benefit United Way of Greater Los Angeles' Southern California Wildfire Fund to help during and after this difficult time. Together LA can get back on their feet.

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The design idea came from Johnny's desire to showcase the strength and unity of California's firefighters, volunteers, aid workers, and citizens who had a hand in getting the wildfires under control. The shirt is designed similar to a fire relief team's shirt to show that we're all on the same team whether we're firefighters, football players, or anybody else in this time of need. The front of the shirt features a traditional firefighter's crest to pay respect for the role they have, and continue to, take on. Inside the crest, a football helmet with an outline of the state of California is used as a team decal, as a symbol of the state's camaraderie and dedication to unite together on one team, and help one another in this time of need.