On My Mind Tank by Paul Konerko

On My Mind Tank by Paul Konerko

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Paul Konerko Shirt

 Co-Designed by Paul Konerko

Retired Professional Baseball Player

Why Paul and his wife Jennifer are Backing the Star Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder.


A future in which every child with SPD is identified and treated by age 6.


The Star Institute is a world leader in research, education, and advocacy for Sensory Processing Disorder, a neurological condition that disrupts the daily lives of many children and adults. Originally called the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation, Star Institute has been providing hope and help to individuals and families living with SPD. Our Mission... To improve the lives of children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and their families through research, education and increased global awareness.



Paul Konerko

The Meaning of the Art

First off, this art was created to intentionally have no 1 specific meaning. We wanted this art to mean something different to everybody... just like great art should. This is not a shirt design, it's art. This is not a Chicago shirt, not a White Sox shirt, not a baseball shirt... but it is art to bring awareness to Sensory Processing Disorder in a fashionable way. The goal of doing this, is that when you wear it and somebody sees it, we want them to ask you what it is. This is your chance now to bring awareness to SPD in your own definition of that shirt that is memorable to somebody, and make a true lasting impact for SPD and on each person's life that you explain it to. 

When Paul Konerko was designing this shirt with our team, he wanted it to do three things for his own definition.

  1. Bring awareness to SPD.
  2. Honor Chicago in some way.
  3. And be unique, creative, and have a story to tell for everyone.
For Paul, this a high fashion, abstract art version of the Chicago skyline. The tough part of the design was to make this shirt so unique, that everyone can see their own story within the design just like art that hangs on your wall at home. We wanted this to be something where everyone can have their own meaning behind the art and it doesn't connect only with Chicagoans, or only with the baseball community. Baseball is an art in itself, so why not portray that on a shirt and have it be able to connect with anybody and everybody? The artist that we worked with for this design went above and beyond creating a design that makes sense for just about any idea of the design. If you're not from Chicago, then for you there is no Chicago skyline... if you don't like baseball, there is no baseball tie in... that's the beauty of art... it only means what you want to see in it.

Here’s Paul’s Definition of the Art

1) For Paul, it’s brain waves to bring awareness to Sensory Processing Disorder. 2) It’s an abstract art. The brain waves are in the shape of the Chicago skyline, as shown above, reflecting off of the water as a tribute to a city that he loves so much. Mix that with the brain waves, Chicago is on my mind.


3) It’s 1983 White Sox colors. 4) Last, is a different meaning for the athlete… it takes heart (red) to disrupt the game and make noise (navy) on the field. Meaning that you have to play with passion to stand out and be great.

For Others it May Portray...

  1. The Definition For the Athlete: It takes heart (red) to disrupt the game and make noise (navy) on the field. Meaning that you have to play with passion to stand out and be great.
  2. For the SPD Community: Brain waves with a slight disruption in the wave pattern (red), to depict Sensory Processing Disorder and create dialogue with people who see you wearing the shirt. We want this to be a conversation starter to get people talking about SPD.
  3. For the Art Lover: The definition is up to you, and we'd love to see what your uninfluenced vision of it is. :)
What do you see in this design? Share in the comment section above! *Learn more in our FAQ section: Contact/FAQ's.


My daughter who has SPD, wore her shirt (the Paul Konerko T)... she has been out of town and she said,
"Daddy this is most comfortable Shirt I have ever worn It does not make me itch anymore."
That is why I think (Athletes Brand) can be a game changer to this community. She just started wearing jeans this year and she is 8 and still does not like them. I have to get her the best one’s too. - Bobby Vossoughi, (Purchased during the Pre-Order opportunity to our email list)


Hundreds joined Paul Konerko & Athletes Brand July 22nd, 2016 before the Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox game for an intimate chat. With their tickets they got Paul's shirt, a ticket to the game, and access to this private Chalk Talk event with Paul Konerko. Yes, the same proceeds as online from the shirt that they got at the game go to the cause too!

Tickets were sold here: WhiteSox.com/PK