Larry Nance Jr Game 1 Playoffs (Photo Credit: Nathaniel Butler)
Home (LE) by Larry Nance Jr.
Home (LE) by Larry Nance Jr.
Home (LE) by Larry Nance Jr.
Home (LE) by Larry Nance Jr.

Home (LE) by Larry Nance Jr.

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This is the original Limited Edition Athlete Cut T. Limited numbers available.


Co-Designed by Larry Nance, Jr.

Professional Basketball Player

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Athletes vs. Crohn's was founded in January of 2017 by Larry Nance Jr. and Noah Weber. The mission of AVC is to raise awareness of Crohn’s and colitis in the adolescent population and help children realize their athletic potential despite being diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Both Larry and Noah were diagnosed with Crohn's disease during their adolescent years, and sought out athletes who reached their personal and athletic potential. Together they hope to connect young people afflicted with Crohn's and colitis to athletes to inspire and mentor. 

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Growing up, every kid dreams of one day playing for their hometown team. Few are fortunate enough to see that dream become a reality, and even fewer do it for a team that their father starred for years earlier. In this shirt design, Larry wanted to pay homage with a fresh take on a familiar look, while also giving thanks to a team and city that holds a special place in the hearts of the Nance family. Simply put, Larry's happy to be HOME.