Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman (2017 Red & Blue)
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman (2017 Red & Blue)
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman (2017 Red & Blue)
Rangers Gut it Out
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Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman (2017 Red & Blue)
Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman (2017 Red & Blue)

Gut it Out Shirt by Jake Diekman (2017 Red & Blue)

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Gut it Out Foundation 


Co-Designed by Jake Diekman

Professional Baseball Player

Speaking up to make a difference.

“17 years ago was the first time I heard of ulcerative colitis. Now, close to 20 years later after handfuls of pills, treatments, flare ups, sleepless nights and visits to the hospital, it's time to raise awareness about Crohn's, colitis and IBD. Thanks to Athletes Brand and our newly formed Gut It Out Foundation, we can bring awareness to these diseases that affect more than 1.64 million people with the "GUT IT OUT" T-shirt! No matter what life throws your way, GUT IT OUT!” - Jake Diekman
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The Gut It Out Foundation was launched by Jake and his wife Amanda Diekman, in August 2017 after Jake returned to the mound following a three-step surgery process to remove his colon and help treat his ulcerative colitis. Throughout the recovery process, Jake and Amanda received countless well wishes and stories from those who were in similar positions in their IBD journey. The two decided to establish the Gut It Out Foundation in an effort to provide Crohn's and Colitis awareness, support, and connection. 

What is Crohn's Disease?

A chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, especially the colon and ileum, associated with ulcers and fistulae.

What is Colitis?

Inflammation of the lining of the colon. (*Big league pitcher, Jake Diekman, and many others suffer from this.)



We aren't just a clothing brand.

We take pride in being a luxury brand that the average athlete can afford. Our products are made from the fit, to the fabric and even the art specifically for the world class athlete that lives the world class lifestyle.

Athletes Brand shirts run a little longer than the average shirt to fit that more typical athlete body build and the fabric and cut was hand picked by hundreds of pro athletes as their fit and feel of choice before we settled on the shirts that we use.

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Men's and Youth are made of a high end, tri-blend fabric (50% Polyester, 25% Combed Cotton, 25% Rayon).

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Athlete tailored and cut to the average athlete body build (slightly longer torso, light weight, fit shoulders and chest).

Screen printed in Peoria, Arizona USA.

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Inspired to be something classy and casual to wear away from the field of play... but with a twist of on field subtleties. The font style was inspired by a Texas baseball font to have a subtle baseball style to it. The underscore is a mix of that classic baseball style, and our Athletes Brand feather. We wanted to implement the feather into this shirt because of the connection that we saw both people who suffer from IBD and people who don't with the "Gut it Out" phrase. It has been people of all backgrounds coming together to help raise awareness for Crohn's & colitis. It has been a family. The feather to us represents family. How birds of a feather flock together... athletes of a feather work together. In the case of Gut it Out, athletes and everyone else have been working together to bring awareness to IBD, and we wanted to pay tribute to those that have stood up to help try to find a cure to these terrible illnesses.