Welcome to the 1000



  1. Legacy Discovery Call
  2. Welcome Email


1) Pay Your Dues:

$1,000/year (Second year free until the 1000 spots are filled)
Pay VIA Check to:
Athletes Brand
9775 N 94th Pl. Unit 202
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

2) Select Your 5 Candidates:

Pick 5 professional athletes in your network that you think will add value to The 1000. Connect them with us, and they will go through the same process that you went through to get here. Email your selections to Kyle Mauch at Kyle@AthletesBrand.com or text at 541-281-4091. We want all of our members to be able to bring in at least 1 candidate to The 1000 since you have a voice the same as anybody else involved.

3) Complete the On-Boarding Form:

Complete the following informational form: CLICK HERE

4) Setup Your Goals for the Next Year:

We'll help you setup your goals to help you fulfill your legacy this coming year and be here for you to make that path as easy as possible. Email Kyle@AthletesBrand.com when you get to this step.

5) Introduce you to The 1000:

Now that the steps are complete, it's time to introduce you to the community. We wait until every step is done to assure your commitment to the other 1000 athletes and their families. 

The Main Goals of The 1000

  • To bring together 1000 athletes that truly understand their own legacy, and collaborate to create global change.
  • To create a trusted coalition of athletes that are looking out for one another in every facet of life: on field, family, faith, financial, legal, business, health, and more.
  • To provide valuable resources that provide further success for the players family and professional life.

Notes to Keep in Mind

  1. We highly encourage that your participation in The 1000 is done as a family if you have a spouse or significant other.
  2. Acceptance is not a lifetime acceptance. We will vote again each year you request to renew your membership if you are eligible to continue your participation in The 1000. The following are just a few key pieces we consider when re-applying each year: 1) Participation in previous years events, calls, and goals. 2) Off field issues that may have occurred. 3) Commitment to your own legacy. More will be taken into account as well, as we are looking to only have The 1000 athletes that represent the team the best and are committed to helping us achieve our very large goals. Retirement or free agency is not something that we consider when re-applying however so don't worry about that.
  3. Year 1 is our building year from August 2018-August 2019. We are in no rush to fill the 1000 roster either as we're only looking for 1000 athletes that fit the criteria, and understand their current legacy. However, we do expect to have it full filled by August 2019. With this in mind, we want your ideas, your feedback, and want you to help bring in the right teammates to fill it out. This is about YOU, and what as a group together we can accomplish to use our platforms to make a true difference in the world, and in your own families lives. Speak up often, and share your ideas.
  4. Family. It's not mandatory, and not everybody has a spouse. However, we do highly encourage your spouses involvement at retreats, events, mastermind calls and more. You'll have more fun with it, it sparks conversation and creative thinking within your household, allows you to do it together which makes it effortless, and will undoubtedly allow you to make a bigger difference personally and professionally when there's two minds instead of one working.
  5. As a member of The 1000, we want to help you accomplish YOUR legacy goals as well as our group goals. Being a member of the 1000 won't created added work to your life, instead it will alleviate stress by replacing it with fulfillment, and offering resources that are entrusted. We want you focusing on providing for your family on the field, while bringing fulfillment by living out your own lasting legacy off of the field.


  • When are the mastermind calls and what do they cover? - The calls will be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Each call will cover our group goals, and give updates about the group resources. Each call will feature a guest speaker as well that will give a free 10-30 minute talk on a topic that is sure to bring significant value to the members.
  • Will the costs ever rise? - Eventually we do anticipate the costs likely rising to bring more value to the group. Currently the $1000 is very underpriced as we're just simply looking to cover our own costs to be able to do this. This isn't our full time gig either. Kyle Mauch founded The 1000 to help him accomplish his own life legacy of making giving back become as much a part of the game as the game itself. Our success in The 1000 truly is your success, so this will never be ran as a profit machine. We're all current and former pro athletes running The 1000 as well.
  • Will there be additional expenses? - The $1,000 covers access to the group, the Legacy Call (normal $650/hour), assistance with your legacy, access to the vetted resources, access to the mastermind calls, invitation to the mastermind retreats, and the honor of being 1 of 1000 athletes in the most influential group in the world. Other fees are up to you. The group mastermind retreats are at your own expense or you can pay the mastermind fee for each one to cover the all inclusive option (flight, lodging, food). The resources of attorneys, financial advisers, social media experts etc do have their own fees as well, however your membership fee covers access to the list of the hand selected individuals. We do not profit from you selecting to work with any of our resources chosen. We simply have brought together the ones that we fully entrust because of years of experience and trust within sports, so we believe they are the best options available to you to put you and your family first.
  • Where are the retreats? - Retreats will be chosen by the group. Part of the signup form asks where you'd like to go for 5 days with the group and we will go to the place selected by the most people.
  • What do we do at the retreats? - The retreats will be the single most life changing event you attend each year. There will be workshops on finances, investing, legal, social media, business, philanthropy, marriage, travel, moving, family, branding, endorsements, and more. You will leave with actionable advice that can impact your life immediately. We will well balance a mix of fun, relaxation, workshops, competition, and philanthropy at each retreat as we know you need a vacation, so want to make it feel like one. There are also upgrade options at each retreat to stay 1-3 extra days and get 1 on 1 work done on legacy, philanthropy, branding, and business. This is the single most impactful event for athletes in the world, and a must not miss.
  • How will this help my legacy? - First off, finding your true legacy is the most impactful piece of The 1000. From there, we can help you build a brand, create a plan for pursuing your legacy, set the goals, delegate within your family, teach you how to get exposure for it, and involve the other 1000 athletes the group.
  • How do I get another athlete involved? - We're running this group pretty old school. It's all personal interaction. Simply introduce the athlete that you have in mind to Kyle Mauch via text or email and we'll get them started in the same on boarding process that you went through.
  • What if I retire? Can I still be in the 1000? - Yes! Retirement doesn't mean you're no longer an athlete.
  • Is it possible to be kicked out of The 1000? - Yes. Significant off field issues are discussed among our board and actions will be taken that we see necessary in the best interest of all members of The 1000. If removed or banned from the 1000 for any reason, there is no refund on your member dues.
  • What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund? - There are no refunds because by you going through the on boarding process and paying the fee, you're committing to filling one of the limited 1000 spots available. Thus, taking a spot form another athlete that applied and was not accepted. If you go through the Legacy Discovery call however and did not understand your legacy better or discover one, then you just need to let us know, and you will not be charged.
  • How is The 1000 board selected? - Our 5 board members have different areas of expertise to provide value in all walks of life, and were hand selected by the founder and GM.
  • How do I get the most from The 1000? - Be active. Communicate, be active, participate. We will work with those that are being active and reaching out for assistance the most.