The 1000 Shirts Project



Commit to Stand for Something.

Receive a limited edition Legacy T (Shirt-for-a-Cause) in the mail once every month + a bonus shirt for you to personally give away to bring somebody joy.


2,000 Limited Edition Shirts for 1,000 Members Each Month.
1,000 Shirts Given to Those Less Fortunate Each Month.
1,000 People Who Stand for Something.
Guaranteeing Over 1,000 Lives Impacted Every Month.
*Access limited to only 1000 people.


Each month you receive 2 limited edition shirts that will impact your life, and somebody elses life every month.

  1. 1 of 2 for You: A limited edition shirt (1 of 2000 color ways/designs, 1 of 2 shirts customized to you). Designed by a pro athlete benefitting the athletes chosen cause that month.
  2. 2 of 2 to Give: This shirt is for you to give to somebody that you believe it will bring joy to, and that it may fit. We ask that you always give it to the person yourself directly, face to face, with a simple "Hello, I want you to have this." We mix up the size each month, so that you can give to different ages, sexes, and types of people. The personal interaction will leave an experience that you will never forget, and the two of you forever connected in a special way. You never know what somebody is going through, and the smallest act of kindness can change, or even save a life.

Simple as that. Sign up. Get 2 shirts. One for you, one to give to somebody in need of a pick-me-up.

We aim to help 1,000 people stand for something MORE. We believe that it only takes 1,000 people coming together and understanding what they each individually bring to the table to create a noticeable change in the world. If you don't know what you bring yet, we can help you find what you stand for when you join at


For just $89.95 a month...

  • 2 Legacy Shirts: 2 of 2000 Extremely Limited Edition, pro athlete designed shirts each month in the mail, customized specifically to you, and benefitting the athletes cause of choice. One for you, one to give.

    WHY BE 1 OF 1000?

    "This can be the most powerful team of people in the world."

    The Goals:

    1. Bring unexpected joy to at least 12,000 people each year.
    2. Unexpectedly clothe at least 12,000 people each year.
    3. Create positive change in the world each year as a collective that can be noticed globally.


      • How do I know if there is still a spot available? If the form shows and your payment goes through, then you locked in one of the very limited spots.
      • Can I lose my membership? Yes. If you do not renew, or your payment does not go through, then we will give your spot in the 1000 to the next person on the waiting list.
      • Can I buy more than 1 membership? Yes, if they are available, it's a great idea for a gift to somebody who is ready to stand for something.
      • When will I receive my first shirt? We individually make each shirt on the first Monday of every month, then ship out within the next 7 days when they're all done. You will always receive your first shirt the following month, but you gain access to all events, webinars, content, groups, and masterminds immediately.
      • What are the shirts? The shirts are limited color ways of pro athlete designed shirts for a cause (legacy t's). These shirts will never be for sale to the public and are only 1 of 1000 that will ever be made in that design and color way. .
      • Does my membership fee benefit a cause? Yes. Your fees benefit the athletes cause of the shirt that you received that month. Each month, a new cause will benefit from all 1000 member dues. Meaning, every month you're playing a small part in making a big difference.