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Member Perks


Congratulations on your acceptance into the Athletes Brand Elite.

Every status level has different perks, and your level is based on 11 secret criteria by our board of 11 and its 11 Select Status members. We will never reveal the 11's to protect its integrity. This assures that every athlete has their status because they earned it with integrity and not because of favors to board members, or specifically trying to achieve the 11 criteria for the perks.

Acceptance to the Athletes Brand Elite

  • Integrity
  • Philanthropy
  • On Field Performance
  • Criminal Background
  • Personal and Career Achievements
  • Other


How you will be notified of Status upgrades or acceptance will vary. But, keep in mind, that we will reach out to you when you're eligible for a new status, you do not need to contact us about it.

4 Status Levels of the Athletes Brand Elite

  1. Intro Level: Family - 11% Off Any Products
  2. Level 1: VIP - 25% Off Any Products and more
  3. Level 2: Champions - 40% Off + Free Gear and more
  4. Elite: The 11 Select - 50% Off + Free Gear + Lifetime Card Holder and more

You'll be notified of the other perks that come with each level privately.

*If you have any questions please email us here: Contact Us. More direct contact info will be emailed to you directly after acceptance.