Legacy Building: Film, TV, Media, and Storytelling


2018 marks year 5 at Athletes Brand, and year 5 will be a year to remember.

Over the past 5 years we've constantly evolved to follow our mission. As we've searched for how to accomplish our hefty goal of helping influence 10,000,000 athletes to use their platforms to create a greater legacy beyond the game... we've taken turns, and dips, and steps back, and steps forward. We've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, reached hundreds of millions of people, and gained the trust of thousands of professional athletes all because of our focus on our mission. We've had amazing team members along the way, incredible clients, and have produced some award winning art with our artists and printers we've worked with over the years. We wouldn't have gotten to where we are today without each and every person and experience along our journey.

A few months back our Founder and CEO, Kyle Mauch, had done some soul searching both for himself, and for the future of Athletes Brand. The question arose, "can selling clothing impact 10 million athletes to help them find their own legacy that will change the world?" The conclusion to that answer was, "no." Kyle could not find a way to use a t-shirt and create life changing influence of that level. With this in mind, and the purpose of Athletes Brand's existence being to give athletes a platform to create their greater life legacy, it showed that it was time for change.

Athletes Brand's greatest strength lays within storytelling. We have an unmatchable skill of finding the athletes story, helping them discover their relevant value, and turning that into a passion and purpose that can craft their greater legacy beyond the game. This is something that we know that we do better than anybody in the world, and we're now deciding to make this our main focus.

Storytelling is a chance to share the "why" behind why athletes get involved in certain causes. Yes, it's cool to see that somebody is doing good things, but it's impactful to learn why they chose to use their time to do that specific good thing. It's even more impactful, arguably life changing, to share the discovery of their "why" when they found out that they want to do that specific good thing. You following along? With all of this in mind, a shirt can help raise a lot of money, but experiencing the right story can cause world changing influence.

For those reasons, 2018 marks the year that Athletes Brand officially takes a big step in our evolution toward our goal. A shift from just a clothing brand, to a full fledged storytelling media agency. Our goal today is to help every athlete that we can come in contact with find their greater life legacy. That part of their life that makes the world a better place for having had them in it, and that part that is passed down through their family for generations that is bigger than sports. A legacy where one day at their funeral the consistent remark is, "she/he was a great athlete, but an even better person."

We want to help athletes end Crohn's disease, solve hunger, drive innovation, invent, create, bring people together, and have a sense of purpose away from their sport. We want to end the seemingly inevitable identity crisis after retirement by finding their legacy beyond the game now before they retire, and if they're already retired then get them on the right track for a more fulfilling life. 

As athletes, we care for our peers. Most of us understand the responsibility that we've earned that has given us a platform to influence others from. We truly believe that by helping athletes leverage their platforms and opportunities that together, we as athletes, can influence and create massive change in the world during our lifetime. It all simply starts by learning, and sharing, each of our own unique stories that can lead us into discovering our greater legacy.

With that said, we look forward to bringing you movies, documentaries, TV shows, vlogs, and more that will bring value to athletes lives beyond the game, and help athletes bring even more value to the world through their stories. Here's to continuing our mission to impact 10,000,000 athletes to discover their greater legacy, and make giving back become as much a part of the game, as the game itself.