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K Cancer Shirt

In 2012 Athletes Brand released our first ever shirt for charity with baseball player Cory Hahn. Since then we've raised thousands of dollars for charities around the world, worked with hundreds of pro athletes, and have helped popularize a trend in athletes wearing and selling shirts to raise money and awareness for charity. Run on sentence much? Anyways, we'd like to recognize and thank some other companies in the apparel and sports industry that have also begun to do the same and be more than just a "for profit" company. One of our favorites as of late is the K Cancer Shirt by 108 Stitches that was released in 2014 with baseball player, Jason Motte. Their goal is to raise awareness and money with their strikeout cancer shirt, similar to our strikeout poverty campaign with Striking Out Poverty by Food for the Hungry.

Unlike Athletes Brand, 108 Stitches is MLB Licensed, meaning that they can sell MLB trademarked logos and names, have their gear in team stores, and MLB is more apt to support and publicly back them. This has opened the door with the MLB Players Association for them. With that license, 108 Stitches has taken full advantage of the privileges for some amazing causes. More than 30 MLB players are repping their K Cancer shirts to help eradicate cancer. As of January 2016, $8 goes to a specific players charity of choice, and $2 of every K Cancer Shirt sold goes to Jason Motte Foundation since Jason was the inspiration behind the campaign.

We were unable to dig up on a Google search of how much has been raised and actually donated to charity since 2014, however we would suspect the answer would be... a lot. If you watch baseball, you've seen players wearing these shirts as MLB and the MLB Players Association have made massive efforts to get the players in the shirts, and the players have happily obliged. Shoot, I also purchased one of these shirts to help their cause and hundreds of Athletes Brand athletes are wearing the shirts as well in their own team colors. It's a simple design, yet powerful in meaning.

The K Cancer Shirt features a full chest, vintage looking backwards K which stands for "strikeout looking" in baseball terms. Though cancer isn't going down without a fight like the backwards K might accidentally imply, campaigns like this shed light on charities around the world. Campaigns like this help fund causes that are dedicated to finding a cure, improving the lives of families and cancer patients, and simply bring awareness to those that may not know how widespread cancer is because they may not have been affected by it yet. 

For this, we applaud and thank 108 Stitches for their K Cancer Shirt campaign and hope that they raise enough money to fund a cure to cancer. Good luck fellas, and keep crushing it!

- Kyle Mauch CEO of Athletes Brand