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REGULAR ITEMS (Non-Charity Items)

-Shipping & Returns-

How long does it take to get my gear?

Typically will ship from our facility within 1-3 business days. Each item is hand packed and quality inspected upon shipment. During Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and the month of December expect 3-5 day delays because of United States Postal Office's overload of people shipping items through them.

Some items do go on backorder, and you will be notified if you ordered a sold out product that will be backordered.

*Please see below in the FAQ section for questions regarding the "Shirts for a Cause" limited edition shirts.

We ship United States Postal Service and UPS.

What is the return policy?

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We know how it is when ordering online. We don't want you to feel rushed to return an item that might not fit just right. That's a pain in the rear. So, as long as it's undamaged, the tags are still on, and it's postmarked within 30 days of the day you received your item, then you can exchange sizes if we have your size in stock... or we'll give you your money back.

All items returned must have all original labels, tags and stickers in tact and untampered with that the item was shipped in. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs and will not be reimbursed original shipping costs. One day we hope to be able to offer free returns, but we simply can't afford that at this time as I hope you understand. We're still just a "garage band".

FAQ - General

What countries does Athletes Brand ship to?

Right now we ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Haiti. It won't be this way for long though! We've got a little hitch in our shipping costs for countries further away and had actually been losing money every time somebody from overseas purchased... a lot of money, so we're working to fix that so that we can stay in business, and get our gear to anybody in the world who wants it.

What pushes Athletes Brand everyday?

We truly believe that Athletes Brand can help foster the next generation of givers. We want to help be that engine of change in the world by giving them a platform to speak from.

Is secure?

Athletes Brand takes your security extremely serious. We use up to date industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to protect your personal data. At no point will our staff ever see a full credit card number.

What is your privacy policy?

At Athletes Brand you can be assured that your info will be kept private. We will absolutely NEVER sell or give your personal information to any third party. The only info that we share, is your shipping address with our shipping provider, USPS & UPS, in order to ship your purchased product to you. We also need to input your credit information (which is fully encrypted) to our credit card processor so that Athletes Brand can process your payment. Same as any other large responsible company :)

If I order multiple products, do they ship together in one package?

Yes and no. Yes if there there are no backordered items or pre-ordered items such as the shirt for a cause. No if there is a pre-ordered item or a backordered item in the order. We will send the backordered and pre-ordered (shirts for a cause) when they become available at no extra charge.

What quality of apparel does Athletes Brand print on?

We consider ourselves a luxury brand because we aim to sell the highest quality shirts in the world. Our shirts were field tested by over 100 pro athletes to make sure they are the best cut, feel, length and comfort for the world class athletes active lifestyle.

How are the shirts printed?

We love the blue collared small businesses. We have a awesome small business print shop in the USA that prints our shirts using top of the line screen-printing processes with water based inks and occasionally plastisol inks to make the fine details pop from a garment. We chose them because they make sure every single shirt printed is the best it can be. And did I mention that we love working with small businesses? They're a standup, fair, clean and hard working shop to stay the least.

Do the shirts shrink when dried?

100% cotton does shrink some, so if the shirt is 100% cotton keep that in mind when drying and follow the directions on the tag.

Tri-Blend however is what 99% of our shirts are, and tri-blend does not shrink much. We suggest drying and washing on the cold or tumble cycles because those cycles keep the quality of your fabrics for much longer anyways.

How do the shirts fit? Small? Big?

Our men's shirts are slightly longer than the normal t-shirt to fit the more typical longer torso of the male athlete. The rest of the shirt is pretty normal... just way more comfortable than any shirt you've ever worn we're guessing. The women's are typically said to be normal fit or slightly smaller than normal depending on what you're used to.

Is there a physical Athletes Brand retail store?

No, we don't have any plans in the near future to open a brick and mortar. However, we do have a store on wheels. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to see where we will be next!


When ordering products online from any retailer, you are agreeing to have your items sent to you by a middleman mail carrier. The agreement with the retailer is to entrust the retailer to take your order to the mail carrier that you agree to use upon checkout (United States Postal Service for example). Once the products that you ordered are in the mail carriers hands that you entrusted your order with, the retailer has fulfilled their duty, and are no longer responsible for the products ordered. Any lost or damaged items are at the sole fault of the mail carrier. It is the retailers responsibility to provide proof that the order was in fact handed over to the chosen mail carrier (this is done in the form of a tracking number by Athletes Brand). If the retailer cannot provide such evidence of handing the order over to the mail carrier, then the retailer must provide replacement products to fulfill the order. It is up to the retailer to replace any lost or damaged orders, but the retailer is not required to do so. In our unique case, large orders we unfortunately cannot typically replace in full because we are a small startup company. We do replace as much as possible though and as much as we can afford. Many of our products are limited editions though and we cannot replace limited editions that we do not have extra in stock of. In the case of lost or damaged goods, what we are able to accommodate varies from case to case.

Limited Edition Cause Shirts (Charity)

-Shipping & Returns-

How long does it take to get my gear?

If you ordered a limited edition shirt for a cause, it's all about that countdown timer you see on that shirts page. When that countdown timer hits zero, we start printing your shirts and you can no longer buy the shirt. This means that the shirt your ordered was specifically made for you, and we donated a percentage of your purchase to the cause. The rest of the profit from your purchase we use for bringing awareness to the charity. We aim to have the shirts in the mail within 10 business days after the campaign ends. Be sure to add as a trusted email so that you can be sure to get our email updates and keep them out of your spam box.

If you need your order by a certain date, please reach out before ordering at to see if we can make your deadline (example: if you're moving soon, living at a temporary location, ordering as a gift, etc).

*Orders not containing a limited edition shirt for a cause are usually shipped out within 48 hours of payment received on weekdays. See above in the FAQ section for info on non limited edition products.

How much does shipping & handling cost?

You can find shipping rates per order in the cart area after you add an item to the cart.

What is the return policy on a Shirt for a Cause?

NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: All orders are final on shirts for a cause unless otherwise noted. The Shirts for a Cause (shirts that have a countdown timer and raise money for a charity) are non refundable or exchangeable because every shirt is made specifically for the individual that ordered it and the money from that sale is already committed to the charity, and bringing awareness to the cause when the order is submitted. If the item was defective in some way, please let us know so that we can find a solution where exchange or refund will be considered. Each product is individually checked though upon shipment for any defects. Email us at if you believe your item was delivered damaged or defective, OR if you have any questions and we'll get you taken care of.

FAQ - Limited Edition Shirts for a Cause

How much money of each cause shirt goes to the charity?

*We're a for profit, former and current pro athlete ran company, that does these cause campaigns simply because we want to help athletes use their power of influence to make a difference in some way.
Our #1 goal is to get the cause in front of 20 million people in two weeks to truly make a difference for the cause long term. With awareness comes knowledge, personal donations of cash and time, and life long supporters that can help find a cure to the causes issues it faces. Along with that, we donate $5 of every shirt sold to the cause and we reinvest about 25% of every sale of each cause campaign into the awareness efforts to try to reach the 20 million people goal. Awareness is the most powerful thing on the planet aside from a cure for the charities. The donation is just the icing on the cake. 

Why does Athletes Brand, a for profit business, focus so much on giving back?

We believe that as a public business and as athletes, we have a civic duty to give back to all of our communities. We are not a non-profit company nor do we act as one. We're a for profit company that simply doesn't want to exist unless we're making a positive difference in the world in more ways than 1. Shouldn't that be how every company thinks? We hope that we can prove that a company can still be successful and grow while donating a large portion of their time and money to help a cause. We hope by proving this, that other companies will follow our lead and do the same. If every company made a little effort to help the communities their customers are in, the world would be a much better place.

Why is there a time limit on the shirts for a cause?

The time limit represents the amount of time left in that weeks campaign and receive any promised bonuses with your order, enter any giveaways attached to the campaign, and get the perks that go along with ordering first. When the clock hits zero, the campaign ends. By having a time limit, it creates urgency for people to help share the word of the cause and raise as much awareness as possible within the time limit. Without a time limit, people are less likely to help in the awareness efforts because there's no urgency.

Why does it take so long to print my shirt?


Because so much money from every sale is going to the cause, we can't afford to buy the shirts up front and risk not selling them all... or not having enough and raising less money for the cause than we could have. So we print the shirts at the end of the pre-order campaign to keep us in business and raise more money for the cause.

Can I exchange my shirt for a different size?

Make sure you get the right size before you order. We have size guides to the right of the shirts for sale. Since Athletes Brand apparel is so exclusive and limited edition, each shirt is made per order... this means that we have absolutely zero extra shirts after the shirt is taken off of the site. Exchanges will not be granted if you order the wrong size because we simply don't have anything to send back to you in exchange. Make sure you research the sizing guide we give you and the info we list on the shirt thoroughly. Double and triple check your sizes upon checkout as well and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions to make sure you are ordering the right fit.

Where are the shirts made and printed?

Our apparel is designed in the USA by American artists and professional athletes. The shop that prints the shirts is located in Arizona. The shirts are manufactured all around the world.

Did the athlete make the design?

In some cases, yes the athlete actually did hand draw the design themselves. But in most cases, no, most athletes aren't that artistically gifted. The way the design process works is that we have one of our world class artists paired up with that weeks professional athlete. Our artist designs a shirt to the specifics of what the athlete envisions with the athletes quote or graphic. Our artist then takes those ideas to create a piece of wearable art. All of our shirts are in that sense co-designed by the professional athlete and our best in the industry artists. Each shirt is made with a goal of being the athletes favorite shirt in their closet because we focus on bringing out their individual personality and style. Our shirts are not memorabilia or typical fan gear.

Do the athletes make money from this?

No the athletes do not make money off the shirt for a cause. None of the athletes make money from the shirts for a cause. They join Athletes Brand to help a cause that they are passionate about. The athletes we choose to work with us are class acts and truly in it for the cause. If we offered them a paycheck, they're the kind of people who would tell us to write it out to the charity. Their payment is the satisfaction of knowing they helped a great cause, and they get hooked up with free gear from us from time to time as a thank you for being awesome.

How are the causes picked?

Each cause we back is picked by that weeks athlete. We do have specific guidelines the athlete must follow however. The charity must be a non-profit 501(c)3. The charity must have a 100% clean record of conduct. The charity must agree to where the money we donate will be allocated (ex. we do not allow our donation to go solely toward employee paychecks, office supplies, advertising etc).

We tell the athletes that the cause that they choose, they'd have to feel comfortable inviting over to their parents house for dinner. Basically, they should know the ins and outs of the charity before representing it.

Where did the last shirt I saw go?

Each design goes up for sale at the beginning of a week. After 2 weeks, that beautiful beast of art is either retired forever, or moved to our store to continue raising money for the cause. So, if you see a cause you want to support or a design you like, you better make sure you order before the campaign is done, otherwise you may have missed your chance! Simple as that. That doesn't mean however that you can't help the cause still if it does get retired. Also, doesn't mean that we won't bring it back in another form or color.

Are Retired Designs Ever Sold Again?

Sometimes. Each time we print a run of shirts, we have to print extras just incase there are any damaged products or lost items. So once all of the customers orders are shipped out, we'll throw any left over shirts back up in the store without announcement. It's first come first serve and we cannot guarantee all size availabilities. What's on the site, is what's available.

What time does the new design go up for sale?

Typically Monday or Tuesday Mornings at 1am MST.

*Athletes Brand® is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Athletes Brand LLC.