We're in the business of adding relative value as our form of currency. Let us help you save money, get you off the ground and running, and create a win win scenario for all involved.


One on one consulting to help craft social influencer marketing campaigns and build lasting influencer relationships. Athletes Brand has been recognized as one of the worlds leading experts in influencer marketing while working with over 1000 celebrity influencers. Our unique formula and approach saves the foundation money, gives the influencer more value, and creates a win win scenario that helps fundraise and create more brand value. We'll take you through the process all the way to helping setup your first influencer campaign. We've helped build foundations and bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for foundations with our strategies.

*Flat Rates, Monthly Retainer, and Hourly Consulting Rates Available.


Using our influencer and social media strategies to create media friendly and engaging content, we work with athletes, businesses, and charities to create events that will bring expanded exposure, and equal brand value to those involved.


Our team is recognized as some of the best brand building experts in the world for celebrities and their businesses. We will help put together a logo, website, online store, create the brand image, sponsorship and collaboration opportunities, and create a product line that jumpstarts revenue for your foundation immediately. 


For any of these services, pricing, and more info, please contact Kyle Mauch at Kyle@AthletesBrand.com with any questions or to schedule a free 10 minute consultation. We're confident that we can earn your trust during that free consultation, and we're honest if we see that this isn't the best fit for your needs.


From A List celebrities to Instagram influencers and about every level in between, we've worked with them on influencer marketing. We've also been entrusted by global charities bringing in over $1 Billion dollars a year on their influencer marketing efforts as well as brand new foundations less than a month old. There's no charity too big or too small, our experience and strategies work on every scale.