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What is Athletes Brand?

"Improving athletes' lives beyond the game, while helping athletes improve the world around them."

Athletes Brand is a fashion brand where all of our products are crafted by world-class athletes for fellow athletes. We focus on improving athletes' lives in every way beyond their sport: from high-end fashion, to home goods and even philanthropy. We're here for athletes as fellow athletes. 

Our focus is athletes' lives beyond the game. Athletes are mothers, fathers, musicians, artists, geeks, collectors, gamers, boaters, fans, pilots and much more. We're here for that side of the athlete - a side that isn't often shown. We know the importance of life beyond sport because we too are athletes with a life and passions beyond the game.

We pride ourselves at Athletes Brand on constantly improving ourselves and the world around us. We consider ourselves Refined Athletes. A major focus of our brand is philanthropy and helping athletes use our products and their power of influence to make a difference in the world through charity awareness and fundraising.

Our products and materials are field tested by the pros themselves and crafted to their exact specifications for everyday wear. With long flights and cross country bus trips in mind, our luxury fabrics deliver comfort in any situation while maintaining a timeless look in the process.


The Team

Athletes Brand Employees

Athletes Brand Employees

Chief Executive Officer - Kyle Mauch - kyle@athletesbrand.com - @KyleMauch

Business Development Manager - Brad "The Butcher" Butcher - brad@athletesbrand.com - @BradTheButcher

Content Producer - Sean Carey - sean@athletesbrand.com - @c.s.carey

Athlete Advisor - Rob Refsnyder (Baseball) - mail@athletesbrand.com - @RobRefsnyder

Artist - Donald Bunney - mail@athletesbrand.com - @DonaldBunney

The Beginning

Athletes Brand officially launched in March of 2015 after being self-funded through the sales of Athletes Brand products. You, the athlete, built this brand.

The Feather (#AOAF)

Athletes Brand Feather"Like birds of a feather... Athletes of a feather, stick together." The feather, to us, represents family. Like birds of a feather flock together... Athletes of a feather work together - and stick together. We have a unique bond as athletes. No matter the sport. No matter the age. No matter the sex, race, health or religion... we respect one another and connect with one another on a different level. Athletes are an odd bunch. We live for competition and the feeling of a win. We live for the feeling of hard work paying off. We live for the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to be a champion. Who in their right mind would ever volunteer for 5 am workouts consisting of tire pulls, chain tosses, box jumps and suicides before they start their day? I mean just think of the name SUICIDES?! Athletes. That's who. We get each other. We understand the work that the great ones put in to be great. It doesn't matter if you play baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, football or ballet. We know the consistency, practice, focus and skill that it takes to be great. We respect each other for that. We're of the same brotherhood and sisterhood. It takes a certain level of insanity to be an athlete, and no one gets that quite like a fellow athlete. We're athletes of a feather, and in it together.

From Our Founder

"I built Athletes Brand out of passion, purpose and necessity. Athletes Brand is here to help fellow athletes make a difference in the world, and I don't plan on stopping that mission anytime soon.

The real beginning of Athletes Brand was in 2011 when I started selling T-Shirts out of my college apartment in Louisiana. The T-Shirts were once just a simple way to make some extra beer money for a broke college baseball player. The brand at that time had a different name, and had no real direction as baseball was still my sole passion. It wasn't until after college while I was rehabbing for pro baseball that the stars aligned and I realized a major issue in the world. At the time, I was working for my older brother while rehabbing a 10 year old fractured vertebrate (and in reality I had actually already written off ever playing baseball again). I hit a crossroad in my life that led to the biggest decision that I had ever, and that I will ever make in my life. I found myself down and out not just because I couldn't play a game for 18 months, but because I couldn't play a sport. It was a big realization because it exposed how ridiculous me being bummed out over a game at the time really was. There are people around the world who can't eat, who don't have families, who can't afford clothes, who are being punished for crimes they didn't commit, who can't walk, get bullied, and live homeless. All while I was in the dumps because I couldn't play baseball for a little while.

This realization led me to want to live life with a bigger purpose, and to begin a different chapter in my life. Twenty-four years of my life revolved around baseball, and now I decided that it was time to spend the next chapter of my life playing a role in making the world a better place in some way. I wanted to do something that would continue to make the world better long after I'm dead and gone. I didn't want my baseball stats to be what I hung my hat up on, and I know most athletes feel the same. So, I combined all of the things that I'm passionate about, walked away from baseball at age 24, and started my own company; Athletes Brand."

Kyle Mauch

Kyle is a former baseball player and outdoorsman. 
Learn more at KyleMauch.com or SuccessAtSuccess.com.

Purpose of the Brand


Improving athletes' lives.


To improve athletes' lives beyond the game, while helping athletes improve the world around them.


To make giving back as much a part of being an athlete as the game itself - all while helping athletes live better lives beyond the game.

Our Promise to the Buyer

We promise to always keep athletes first.

This is anybody that considers themselves an athlete. This is the athlete's brand because athletes truly run and innovate every product that we make with their own interests and needs in mind. With that in mind, we promise to always work to make the most high-quality products in the world, and we will never stop innovating to retain that standard.

Though donating a large portion of our sales to charity, we believe that we can still make the world's most quality products because we will stay true to creating what athletes need, rather than what we think they need. By doing so, we hope that our success will influence other "for-profit" businesses in the world to see that you can help your community while being able to grow as a company, and it's not a loss of profits, it's a growth in purpose. We promise to stick to those values no matter how big, or how small we are as a company. This is your brand. This is our brand. That's why this is Athletes Brand.