Thermal Insulated Flasks Review

Thermal Insulated Flasks Review

A bottle co-designed with pro athletes for the ultimate performance for long distance trips. This bottle stood up to our tests against the top brands in Yeti, HydroFlask, KleanKanteen and more and the results are UNREAL! Check out the chart to see how big of a win it was for the Athlete Flask.




  • 20.9 oz.
  • Cold for 24 Hours / Hot for 12 Hours.
  • Finger inset for easy holding.
  • Slim design to fit any cupholder.
  • Copper lining to keep the temperature better than all other major brands.
  • Uncoated metal exterior for a longer lasting look with less scratch potential than colored bottles.



  • Lip locking pour spout to prevent spillage, and keep the pour feel.
  • Leak preventing cap lock.
  • Twist top to refill.
  • Top mounted carrying handle.
  • Spring loaded pop button for quick opening.

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