Trayvax Wallet Review

Trayvax Wallet Review


The Trayvax Wallet Review quickly turned out to be a game changer for me. I'm now going on 1 year with my Trayvax Element Wallet (I got the Canyon Red Black Edition)... and love this thing. It's rare that somebody doesn't comment on it, and it looks even better with age as the leather has become darker. I have it on me daily, and the leather has held up amazingly. It's minimal, unique, looks good, perfect front pocket wallet, will last forever, has a beer bottle opener that I've found to be insanely handy, and I also use the side of it to cut open tape on packages.

I fit 2 credit cards, my ID, and 8 business cards in it plus cash at all times. There are a couple cons though I've found with it for my own liking.


1) Pain in the butt to take cash out and put it back in when in a hurry. I've found myself stuffing cash into my pocket when paying for items with long lines rather than holding up the line to organize the cash into a straight line, then putting it under the hook (you can see in the video), then folding it over before latching the wallet closed.

2) One time at an airport they tried to not allow me to have the wallet on the plane. I fly over 100 times a year, so that 1 out of 100+ times a TSA agent said it couldn't fly because it looked like a weapon because of the ridged dull saw patterns on one side of the metal.

For these being the only two cons, I still ONLY use this wallet as I've never found a better one that looks good and works good aside from this Trayvax Element Wallet. So far the Trayvax Element Wallet Review has been my most useful review to date.


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