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Jake Diekman - Gut It Out Campaign Review (2017 Part II: Blue - 4/3-4/17)

August 18, 2017

Jake Diekman - Gut It Out Campaign Review (2017 Part II: Blue - 4/3-4/17)

Campaign Overview

Jake Diekman of the Texas Rangers co-designed the #GutItOut t-shirt to benefit the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. The campaign ran for two weeks (4/3-4/17) and raised $2,730.

Jake has ulcerative colitis (UC), which, along with Crohn's disease, make up the two most common forms of inflammatory bowel diesease (IBD). All told, IBD affects nearly 1 in 200 Americans, or almost 1.7 million people nationwide. 

Jake has been saddled with UC for the better part of two decades, and after undergoing condition flare ups in December and with his long term health and welfare in mind, he made the decision to undergo a 3-step surgery process to help treat his condition. In doing so, he would miss at least the first half of the baseball season.

The first surgery in January saw him get his colon removed, and the second surgery - widely regarded as the hardest of the three from those who have been through it - constructed a j-pouch. The third surgery, slated for June 2017, will reverse his ostomy and connect his j-pouch.

Limited quantities available for purchase


The Diekman Diaries - Chapter 5

In advance of his second surgery, the j-pouch surgery, Jake answers some hard-hitting questions from Amanda. The video is a part of The Diekman Diaries series by Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News, and chronicles Jake's journey to return back to the mound.


Teammates wish Jake well in advance of his j-pouch surgery

‪Hey @jakediekman41, we're all behind you. #GoodLuck #GutItOut ‬

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Surgery #2 is in the books and Jake is up and at 'em!

 Jake is a big proponent of getting up to walk as soon as you can following surgery.



Campaign Awesomeness: "Gut Well Soon"

In advance of Jake's surgery, we reached out to past customers to see if they had a picture, story, or well wish that they wanted to share with Jake as he went in for his second surgery and continued his journey back to the mound. We were floored to receive more 75+ responses from customers in a matter of two days, which combined to make a "Gut Well Soon" card for Jake that was more than seven pages in length! It's safe to say that Jake being an advocate for IBD has had more than its fair share of impact for people.


What is Crohn's disease? 

A chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, especially the colon and ileum, associated with ulcers and fistulae.

What is Ulcerative Colitis? 

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease of the large intestine, also known as the colon, in which the lining of the colon becomes inflamed and develops tiny open sores, or ulcers, that produce pus and mucous.


Articles and Publications

VIDEO: Diekman Diaries Ch. 4 - Evan Grant (2/17/17)

OA Online - Levi Stone (4/3/17)

VIDEO: Diekman Diaries Ch. 5 - Evan Grant (4/12/17)

Star-Telegram - Jeff Wilson (4/10/17) 


About Jake Diekman

Jake Diekman is a left-handed pitcher for the Texas Rangers, who most recently played an important role as a relief pitcher during the Rangers’ 2016 postseason run. In 2014, Jake became just the third reliever in Philadelphia Phillies’ history to strike out 100 batters in a season. He is from Wymore, Nebraska and was selected by the Phillies in the 2007 MLB Draft. He is active on Twitter (@JakeDiekman), Instagram (@JakeDiekman41) and Facebook (@OfficialJakeDiekman).

Since 2015, Jake has partnered with Athletes Brand to be a voice and advocate for the IBD community that does not shy away from his health setbacks. Instead, he has embraced his role and the unique position to help make a difference for others that are undergoing similar health fights.


To find out more about Jake's health journey, work with the IBD community or to donate directly to the 501(c)3 non-profit that Jake founded in August 2017, please visit gutitoutfoundation.org.



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