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Eric LeGrand Campaign Recap (January '17): #bELieve

September 15, 2017

Eric LeGrand Campaign Recap (January '17): #bELieve

Campaign Overview

Former Rutgers University football player and current inspiration, Eric LeGrand partnered with Athletes Brand on a "Shirt for a Cause" T-shirt benefiting the Team LeGrand chapter of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

The Reeve Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to curing spinal cord injury (SCI) through innovative research efforts, as well as improving the overall quality of life for those that suffer from SCI. In 2010, LeGrand suffered a severe spinal injury during a college football game, leaving him paralyzed. In the years following his injury, LeGrand has served as an ambassador of hope and inspiration internationally. 

The campaign ran for two weeks (1/16-1/30) and raised $3,335 for The Reeve Foundation, surpassing the end goal of $3,000.


“Whenever I tire during rehab or the mountain looks too high, I remind myself of this singular goal that drives me - believe. Someday, when I can walk again, I want to visit the spot on the Giants Stadium field where I went down. I want to lie on the artificial turf one more time and take a deep breath. Then I'm going to pull myself up to my own feet under my own power and walk away. Believe it will happen, because I do."    Eric LeGrand


Campaign Awesomeness: CBS This Morning segment 

The above is a feature on Eric and his continued fight to one day walk again, how he continues to maintain an unmatched upbeat attitude, and how his journey is just as much for others affected by SCI as it is himself.


Campaign Awesomeness Pt. II: Middle School Surprise

Eric came by Grover Cleveland Middle School in the middle of February to give a talk to the students about the importance of appreciation, hard work, and fighting through adversity. He got more than he bargained for as he entered the gymnasium to find some 60 staff members and students decked out in his Athletes Brand #bELieve t-shirt. 



#TeamLeGrand is home to some big-time #bELievers

Eric's campaign saw a number of social influencers, athletes, reporters, and more voice their support throughout the campaign. Soccer players, renown ESPN reporters, WWE fighters, MMA fighters, football players... The support flowed in from everywhere, a testament to just how good of a person that Eric is. Check out just some of who supported Eric's campaign. 


Nastia Liukin



Ed Werder

Carli Lloyd

Joe DeFranco & Triple H


Mohamed Sanu


Logan Ryan

Frankie Edgar 


 Other supporters of the campaign included:


Prevalence of paralysis in the United States

Note: The following information can be found at the Foundation's website here.

In 2013, a study undertaken by Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation revealed staggering statistics regarding prevalence of paralysis across the U.S.

  • Nearly 1 in 50: Approximately 1.7 percent of the U.S. population, or 5,357,970 people reported they were living with some form of paralysis. Paralysis was defined in the study as a central nervous system disorder resulting in difficulty or inability to move the upper or lower extremities.
  • Leading causes of paralysis: Stroke (33.7 percent), Spinal cord injury (27.3 percent) and multiple sclerosis (18.6 percent).


Articles and Publications

Sam Hellman - Scout, Campaign Launch (1/16/17)

Ryan Dunleavy - NJ.com (1/19/17)

USA Today - J.P. Pelzman (1/24/17)

The Daily Targum - Jacob Turchi (1/30/17)

CBS News - LeGrand Feature (2/4/17)

LeGrand surprised by middle school (2/18/17)


About The Reeve Foundation

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to curing spinal cord injury (SCI) through innovative research efforts, as well as improving the overall quality of life for those that suffer from SCI. You can follow them on Twitter at @ReeveFoundation.

To find out more about The Reeve Foundation or to donate directly to the 501(c)3 charity, please visit https://www.christopherreeve.org/

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