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Doolittle & Dolan - Bigger than themselves

March 24, 2017

Doolittle & Dolan - Bigger than themselves

Sean and Eireann are just good people - you can't deny that. They care about others and it shows. They have consistently done good by others and for others. We are happy to have had the opportunity to have designed a shirt with Sean's help and even happier for what Michael's Way and his cause stands for.

While this isn't everything that Sean and Eireann have done, here are some of the projects that the two have had a hand in that are more than worthy of a mention:

2-time Roberto Clemente award nominee (2016, 2013)

Professional baseball's most prestigious award for players that showcase exemplary care for others through their actions and community work, the Roberto Clemente award is an extremely high honor, and to be nominated for it twice is extremely impressive. It truly speaks to the character and overall care that Sean puts out for others.

As noted in the second article, he helped establish the "A's relief program" which recognizes a local hero once a month and makes a donation to the charity of their choosing.



Known to get rocked in invisible pitching settings:

See video here, courtesy of fiancée, Eireann Dolan. More funny than anything, still warrants a share.


Sean and Eireann hosting Syrian refugees for Thanksgiving:

Great USA Today story providing background to the event. In addition, the second link, by Eireann, delves more into her personal take on the importance of the dinner.



Buying tickets LGBT Pride Night, donating to LGBT youth

Doing good for others. Another powerful gesture spearheaded by Eireann that showcases the couple's goodhearted nature when the Oakland A's hosted their Pride Night in 2015.



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